Novel Opportunity For Indians To See ISS With Naked Eyes

NASA – the US space agency has given an opportunity to see the International Space Station with the naked eyes from Earth. All the details regarding the ISS have been mentioned on NASA website. Indians can see it till 11th of May.

Novel Opportunity For Indians To See ISS With Naked Eyes

With the association of five agencies, the International Space Agency was built in the year 1998. The five space agencies are NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA. This is the first manmade largest and artificial satellite present in space that can be seen with naked eyes from the Earth. Just after the sun and the moon it is the third biggest object in the sky.

At an average height of 400 km ISS orbits above the Earth and makes a complete 15.54 orbits per day. At ISS a study regarding microgravity, physics, astronomy, meteorology and other important topics are studied by astronomers. In past 15 years, about 18 people from different countries are landed on ISS.

In a website NASA scientists gave the details of the placement and timing of the satellite in the sky. People can log on to and then select the country and state. Till 11th may people can get the details of the sightings of ISS.

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