Bright Meteor Lights Up The Sky In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley

Ohhhh, it is bright.

A bright meteor ended up illuminating the evening sky of Southern Texas as part of the most anticipated Leonids Meteor Shower.

It’s good to see some good things from time to time.

The entire incident was caught on cam, luckily.

The fireball was seen in a video that is viral on the internet right now passing across the Rio Grande Valley, which is located in the area of southern Texas and northern Mexico.

The National Weather Service’s Brownsville Station is also located in the area.

After the video was caught and shared on the internet, it was said that the bright light that was seen passing across Rio Grande Valley was a meteor that belonged to the Leonid Meteor Shower.

The meteor shower peaked on Monday and will be continuously offering amazing sightings throughout this week.

For the people that do not know, the Leonid meteor shower only happens once every 33.3 years.

This type of meteor shower is caused by Comet Tempel-Tuttle sweeping through the inner solar system.

Such an amazing thing to witness and catch on camera!

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