Tom Cruise To Make An Action Movie In Outer Space With Elon Musk’s SpaceX And NASA

You know the movie is going to be lit when you get to know that Tom Cruise is going to be in it, but would be on fire if they shot the entire movie in space?

A couple of days after a report claimed that Tom is working to make his next movie in space, Jim Bridenstine, the director of NASA, confirmed the news.

Tom Cruise will be making an action movie on the International Space Station.

The move will be aided by SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

In the tweet Jim Bridenstone made, he said:

NASA is excited to work with @TomCruise on a film aboard the @Space_Station! We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality.

Elon Musk joined the chat and said:

Should be a lot of fun!

According to reports, the movie will be an action movie and it is not the next installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise.


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