Did You Observe The Signature Spotted On Virat Kohli’s Thigh Pads? Check Out The Details Here

Champions Trophy is over, despite the bitter ending against arch rival Pakistan, everything else was good enough to lay memories in our minds. Post the CT 2017, the official page of ‘Indian Cricket Team’ now posted the pictures of TeamIndia’s skipper Virat Kohli, getting ready for the next tournament. This time it is must and should for Kohli to clinch possible glory and charisma to the Team India.

We all love to see our favorite players charming on the ground bagging back-to-back victories for our country. But there are certain factors that are most necessary for any player to get a firm stand on the ground, to attain a good pace and be consistent. If all these factors cooperate, then comes the best from our desired ones, be it taking wickets with good bowling, or be it delivering raging Sixes with fantastic batting.

With sound health and fitness being the most important factor in signifying the presence of the player, one cannot simply ignore any kind of issue when it is regarding the tools that are needed to excel.

Something regarding the fitness equipment used by Kohli is making rounds on the Internet, in the pictures posted by Indian Cricket Team page, in the two of three pictures Virat Kohli was spotted wearing white thigh pads on which someone’s signature is spotted.

Check Out The Post Here:

autograph on kohli thigh pads, remfry thigh pads

The autograph is quite clearly visible and enlarged. Some assumed that it belongs to Anushka Sharma and posted it in comment section, but no! It doesn’t. This signature itself has one detailed story which is linked to almost many prominent players of World Cricket.

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misbah ul haq

du plessis cricket kit

Getting into the details, the autograph belongs to ‘Remfry’, the man behind the thigh pads, as of now, his son is taking care of the manufacturing place and with the almost homemade style, these thigh pads are quite popular and star cricketers like David Warner, Misbah-Ul-Haq and Du Plessis, the list even includes the legendaries like Craig Mcmillan, Mark Waugh, and Kapil Dev.

remfry thigh pads, best thighpads for cricket practice

It is shared on the Facebook page of ‘Remfry Thigh Pads’ that Virat Kohli even ordered another two sets of the same, hope he liked them more, the page added.

equipment used by international cricketers, kohli, thigh pads cheap

Now, after all these conduct, one can be sure that these are the best ‘thigh pads’ a cricketer can get on with. If you wish to get one, then click here.

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