Batsman Drives The Ball Straight On To Bowler’s Head, Leaves The Team Mates Shocked

For the first time ever in the history of cricket, a batsman, unfortunately, smashed the ball straight on to the bowler’s head. The respective match took place at England’s Edgbaston and is between Nottingham and Birmingham Bears, the game was however aborted post the bowler Luke Fletcher was hit on the head by the ball in a truly horrific incident that left players visibly shaken.

The whole crowd and the teammates were left baffled at the horrible condition of the fast pace bowler. The game was suspended for 30 minutes and Fletcher was hurried to the hospital.

Surprisingly it was the fourth over and the first ball for Fletcher in the innings and BB’s batsman Hain directed it right on to Notts’ bowler’s head.

Coming to the details, it was a t20 match between Nottingham and Birmingham Bears which was won by BB after chasing the target of 158 runs given by Notts Outlaw. Despite the numbers, the match now will be remembered for the worse incident.

The 28-Year-Old Luke Fletcher is one of the popular fast bowlers of the England’s domestic cricket. And right after the accident, the umpires called for the paramedics and the physiotherapists of both the teams were also on the ground. Luke was treated a little over there and everyone felt somewhat relieved when they saw him walking, a towel was put on his head by the physiotherapist as he was taken to the hospital.

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Meanwhile, after few hours, Luke’s teammate Jake Ball took on to his Twitter, shared the picture of Fletcher, captioned it: “Horrible injury to @fletcherluke but looks like he’s doing well off to hospital #legend”.

Later to that, Luke took on to his Twitter, thanked people who showered him with ‘get well soon’ messages, saying, “Thanks for the messages. Shame about the result. Congrats to the Bears!! Time for a few paracetamol”

When asked about Luke’s condition, Peter Moores, the head coach of Notts Outlaws, said:

“Luke has obviously got a concussion but the reports we’re hearing back are that they think he’s going to be fine and hopefully he will go home either tonight or tomorrow morning. It sounds good news at the moment and we’re looking forward to catching up with him when he’s back and hopefully OK.”

In the end, Peter thanked the physiotherapists for the Warwickshire management as he said that everything happened really super fast and a doctor was on the field just within minutes. Peter then added:

“Warwickshire were very understanding and, more importantly, efficient. They had a doctor on site straight away and the paramedics here. Credit too to James Pipe, our physio, he is meticulous in all trauma-related stuff as is Warwickshire’s physio, and they worked together straight away.”

Anyhow, Luke is now better than before and let us hope that he will soon give his best like before, taking onto his Twitter and posting like that is definitely a fine trait which every sportsperson must posses.

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