The Ugly Tale Behind The Inside Fight Between Cricketers Dinesh Karthik And Murali Vijay

We all go gaga over listening to the stories of our favorite celebrities, be it cricketers or actors, it remains the same. A love triangle is something which can disturb the lives of the people involved in this triangle. You will be amazed to know that some of our favorite cricketers were also involved in love triangle.

murali vijay and dinesh karthik

Murali Vijay was involved in an affair with Dinesh Karthik’s wife. Both Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay have played for Indian cricket team and have been always appreciated and loved by their fans for their talent’s. But very few know that Murali Vijay was the reason for Dinesh Karthik’s divorce with his wife.

The story of Dinesh Karthik and Nikita dates back to 2007. Back in that year, the 21-year old Dinesh married his childhood friend Nikita Vanjara. The marriage was held in Mumbai. Nikita’s father and Dinesh’s father were friends for a long time and the kids grew fond of each other as they got older. Both the families decided to turn friendship into a relationship and the youngsters were very eager too. However, things went south after 5 years when Nikita started seeing Murali Vijay, Dinesh Karthik’s Tamil Nadu teammate and also the current Indian test team’s opening batsman.

dinesh karthik and nikita pallika

If rumors are to be believed, the incident that led to the break up of Karthik’s first marriage occurred during a Vijay Hazare trophy match in 2012. This was just before a crucial Ranji trophy match between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Dinesh Karthik came to know about his wife’s affair with Murali Vijay.

Dinesh Karthik divorced his wife, Nikita while she was pregnant with a boy and soon after that Murali Vijay and Nikita married each other. The divorce was finalized very quickly and quietly and by the end of 2012, Nikita Vanjara and Murali Vijay tied the knot. They now have a 2-year-old son.

murali vijay wedding

Both Murali Vijay & Dinesh Karthik have kept mum on this issue and have kept them self away from this issue. The three involved in this triangle have acted maturely and have moved on in their life rather than acting as a gossip material for media.

dinesh karthik and deepika pallikal

Dinesh Karthik later married Deepika Pallikal and this new couple seems to be quite happy.

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