Mohammed Shami Domestic Violence Case: Arrest Warrant For Cricketer Issued By Kolkata Court

Mohammed Shami Domestic Violence: The court has issued an arrest warrant against Mohammed Shami, a cricketer for team India.

The arrest warrant was issued after the wife of Mohammed Shami registered a domestic violence case against the cricketer.

Mohammed Shami, who is currently in West Indies for a Test-Series, has 15 days to surrender.

The arrest warrant was issued by a court in Alipore, Kolkata.

An arrest warrant was also issued against Hasid Ahmed, the brother of Mohammed Shami.

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) will not take any action against the pacer until they see the official charge-sheet.

Hasin Jahan, the wife of Mohammed Shami, made accusations against the cricketer last year and his family members.

Hasin Jahan also shared screenshots of Mohammed Shami’s conversations with other women. The wife also accused him of corruption.

Mohammed Shami denied the allegations that were placed against him.

Zakir Hossain, the lawyer of Hasin Jahan, said, “If Shami fails to comply with the order, the court has directed the authorities to arrest him.”

Earlier this year, Mohammed Shami was charged with dowry and sexual harassment.

The lawyer of Hasin Jahan is demanding Rs. 7 lakh in monthly support.

Earlier this year, Hasin Jahan locked herself in a room of Mohammed Shami’s house and said that she had the right to stay there.

The police intervened and detained her.

Hasin Jahan said, “I have come to my husband’s house and I have every right to stay here. My in-laws are misbehaving with me and the police are supporting them. They should have arrested them but they are taking me to the police station.”

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