Happiest Girl In The World: 8-Year-Old Daughter Bursts Into Tears After Finding Out Father Has Beaten Cancer

A heart-touching moment was caught on cam, when an 8-year-old daughter burst into tears after she found out her father has beaten cancer.

Maisy Dickson, the 8-year-old girl, loves and father so much that she never went away from Chris, her 43-year-old father.

Chris went through surgery to have his bladder removed 6-years-ago, he also went through a number of chemotherapies but new tumors kept showing in scans.

Maisy expected her dad to be in the hospital for 2 weeks as he was recovering from a new nine-hour operation.

But Chris came back to their house in Morecambe, Lancashire after spending 9 days at the hospital.

Chris didn’t tell his daughter that he was coming home early, and had another surprise in his pockets for his loving daughter.

Sharon, the mother of Maisy, told her daughter to check her snapchat after sending her upstairs, keeping her in the dark about the return of her father.

Upon checking her phone, she saw her father lying on the sofa of their living room and asking a hug from his youngest daughter.

Happy with what she saw, Maisy ran downstairs so she could see her father.

Chris decided to catch everything on cam and took a video of the entire thing.

In the video, you can see Maisy bursting into tears after realizing her father is with her.

Explaining how he hid, Chris said, “I hid on the sofa in the living room and she ran upstairs. My wife told her to check her snapchat because her dad had sent her a message from hospital and was waiting for a reply. I’d actually sent her one from the sofa asking her for a hug.”

Chris was originally going to come back home on October 6, 2019, but he managed to get out of the hospital on October 2.

Chris said he never stayed away from her daughter for such a long time.

Maisy screamed when she saw her father, and Chris said he never seen her like that before.

Talking about what he felt, Chris said, “I broke down as well, I had never ever felt anyone show so much love towards me.”

In 2013, Chris was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and he went through a number of chemotherapy rounds.

The tumors were appearing again and again every 3 months and on July, 2 more were found.

So earlier this year, Chris decided to go through a radical cystectomy, which removed his entire bladder, lymph nodes, sperm sacks, vesical veins, and his prostate.

The entire surgery took 9 hours and required 2 skilled surgeons.

Talking about what he went through, Chris said, “I know it doesn’t sound like a long time six years, but when you live through it, it feels like sixty years. I was in agony after the operation. I still am, but at least my children can wake up every day their father is going to live. Maisy has seen me battling cancer for six years, it has affected her too.”

He added, “It was very traumatic for her. She visited me while I was in hospital and was distraught when she left. She completely broke down. She’s only eight, so we didn’t go into too much detail, but we felt like we couldn’t lie to her either. For an eight-year-old to deal with all that, it’s incredibly.”

After finding out that her father was free of cancer, Maisy said she is the “happiest girl in the world!”

Maisy said she hated her father being in the hospital and added that her dad is her best friend.

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