Mother Teaches Her Teenage Sons To Carry Tampons In Case Their Female Friends Have An “Accident”

A mother in the United states is doing something almost every single parent should, teaching their kids on how to break taboos that should not exist.

The mother that we are talking about is currently teaching her sons to carry tampons just in case their female friends have an accident when they are in school.

Tara Ahrens, a blogger, said that she wants to break down gender taboo around menstruation and how it works.

In a post that she made on CafeMom, she said:

Most women and girls will tell you that merely talking about having your period in public is still pretty taboo. But as the mom of a 10 and a half-year-old daughter and two teen sons, I’m hoping to change that.

After discussing the idea to 16-year-old Mica and 17-year-old Elijah, her 2 sons, Tara said that they were initially not agreeing, however, that changed.

The 2 are currently keeping a supply of tampons in their school lockers and in the backpacks that they carry to school on a daily basis.

The mother of the 3 said that she is doing this because she knows how traumatizing it can be a woman to experience an accident during their period.

She added:

Bleed-throughs happen. They are mortifying and can be traumatizing. Kindness and understanding from ANY friend goes a long way. Be that person.

Not only tampons, but the kids also carry some sanitary pads with them.

They do it because not everyone uses tampons.

Tara added in her blog post:

Like many public high schools, ours does not offer or sell period products. And with the student population being 60 per cent female, you can see how that can present a problem.

Tara said that she just wants to normalize the things that are not being discussed by the 2 genders.

The woman said that normalizing such things can happen if you regularly discuss them with your own family.

She added:

As you normalize these things in your own family by regularly discussing them, they become normal to your kids, too. It’s my hope that kids of all genders, including transgender kids, know that my boys are a safe place to get period supplies, should they ever need them. But it is an even bigger hope of mine that these small actions change the way kids in our high school handle and view the whole subject.

What an amazing mother Tara is, right?

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