Mother Gives Groceries A Bath Fearing They Might Carry Coronavirus

A concerned mother posted images of her washing the items she bought from Tesco, fearing that the groceries might carry the coronavirus.

As people all over the world are doing their best to protect themselves from the virus, mothers and concerned people are making sure that the groceries they buy are not carrying the virus.

A mother, who shared images of the groceries she bought on Twitter, showed her washing everything before it went into cupboards and her fridge.

The mother did this to make sure that the virus won’t infect her or her kids.

In the picture, you can see Greek yogurts, tomatoes, tzatziki, feta cheese, broccoli, Pink Lady apples, and cauliflower all being given a long hot soak.

The image that we are talking about was shared by Evie Lancaster, a concerned mother.

While sharing the images, she said, “What precautions are you all taking during the global pandemic? My mum is bathing her Tesco delivery.”

The post of Evie made has over 98.7 thousand likes, 25.4k retweets, and thousands of comments.

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