Ring Lost In The US 47 Years Ago Found Buried In Finnish Forest

In the year 1973, Debra McKenna accidentally left her future husband’s ring in a department store in Brunswick Maine, a town in the United States, and fast forward to recently, the ring was found in a Finnish forest.

What are the odds of you losing something 47 years ago and finding it today? Close to none right? Well, that’s not the case with Debra.

In her teenage years, Debra lost the ring in Portland, when she was a student at the Morse High School.

The ring, which had engravings that identified the school, belonged to Shawn, the late husband of Debra, who she dated throughout her high-school days and college.

The couple was married for 40 years until Shawn died in 2017 after a 6 year battle with cancer.

Shawn reportedly gave Ms. McKenna the ring before he left for college.

However, Debra accidentally left it in a department store.

She said the ring was forgotten until the worker found it under 8 inches of soil in Kaarina, a small town in Southwest Finland.

According to Finnish media reports, Marko Saarinen, the person that found the ring, was using a metal detector when he found the blue-stoned silver ring.

During an interview with the local press, Marko said, “Usually my findings are bottle caps or other junk.”

Marko contacted the alumni association of the school, who did not have a hard time identifying the owner of the ring.

The ring had 1973 and the initials “S.M.” written on it.

Debra said she cried when the ring arrived in the mail last week.

Talking about the ring, she said, “It’s very touching in this world of negativity, to have decent people step forward and make an effort.”

She added, “There are good people in the world, and we need more of them.”

Debra said she has no clue how the ring that she lost in the US ended up in a forest in Finland.

Debra said Shawn did spend some time working in Finland in the 90s, but the ring was found nowhere near the city.

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