Washington Woman Quits Job To Find Missing Pet Dog, Reunited After 57 Days Of Continuous Search

A woman from Washington, USA, decided to quit her job so she could find her dog that went missing when she was on a short getaway with her husband in Montana.

The woman quit her job as a postal carrier so she and her husband could search for their missing dog.

Katie, the Border Collie dog of Carole and Verne King, gone missing from a hotel room when the couple was on a short getaway to Montana.

The couple wanted to bring back Katie back home.

Carole and Verne, who are former law enforcement agents, did everything when they were searching for 7-year-old Katie, their pooch.

Carole and Verne searched for Katie until 4 am on the night the pooch went missing.

The couple carried out searches throughout the neighborhoods.

Carole and Verne even handed out 500 flyers throughout the county and went on social media to notify everyone that their pooch was missing.

The couple even used innovative methods such as game cameras and animal traps that contained cheese sticks, the favorite snack of Katie.

Carole even started to jog and bike around local neighborhoods with the hopes of finding her missing pooch.

But Carole also had to take time for her work, and when she asked for time-off, the management told her that she wouldn’t be allowed to take time off work for the search.

As a response, Carole decided to quit her job.

During her interview with the New York Times, Carole said, “Katie was just more important to me, I just said, ‘I’ll finish this week, and that’s it.’”

After a long 57 day search, Katie was found with the help of a community of strangers that belonged from a small town in another state.

The good news came in by the morning of September 15, 2019, when Carole and Verne got a call from someone who said a sighting of a dog that matched the description of Katie.

The previous day, Carole distributed flyers in the neighborhood.

Talking about how she reacted when she saw Katie, Carole said, “I just bear-hugged her; I wasn’t going to let her go, Tears were flying, we were screaming, everybody is high-fiving, hugging each other. People are stopping in their vehicles, getting out and hugging us. I think the whole neighborhood knew that we found her.”

Katie lost 12 pounds and was severely dehydrated when Carole found her.

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