Everything You Need To Know About Airport Facial Recognition

In order to increase security measures, countries such as China and the USA are using facial recognition software at airports to check the background of people who are traveling in and out.

In recent years, we have seen big advances in the technology of Facial Recognition, and some experts believe that this one is actually better than biometrics.

But the only thing that concerns everyone about facial recognition at airports is about their privacy and data protection.

In order to help you gain knowledge about Airport Facial Recognition, here are the things that you need to know.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

We, humans, are good at recognizing faces, we first look at the facial features of the person, such as their mouth, nose, eyes, and face structure.

In just that way, a Facial Recognition Program uses an algorithmic scale of your face to recognize you.

How does it work?

A photo or a video of you looking straight ahead or nearly in the profile is needed, then a facial recognition software will read the geometry of your face. This includes the distance of your eyes, forehead to chin, and many more.

After that data is fetched, it will be compared to a database of their known or registered bases.

If you are from the United States of America, it is reported that the FBI has access to over 410 million facial images for this.

Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned About Airport Facial Recognition

Privacy is your right, and you have control over your personal information and how it is used.

Here are some issues about Airport Facial Recognitions:

  1. Security

Your facial geometry is collected and is stored in a database. Most of the time, you don’t even know the government gets to store this data without even asking you.

Another thing is that if a hacker gets access to the data, your personal information can be in the wrong hands.

  1. Safety

Facial recognition can also lead to cyberbullying or cyber harassment. Once you upload an image on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform that is available for everyone, someone can use your photo and use facial-recognition software to get more of your pictures.

You wouldn’t even know where your images are being used.

  1. It Can Be Wrong

Facial recognition is still not 100 percent accurate, what if law enforcement officials mistake you as someone who carried out a terrorist attack?

  1. You Can Be Tracked

Government agencies can use your data to track you. Remember, higher law enforcement agencies have the authority to use track anyone who may be a potential threat for them.

Law enforcement agencies and other private organizations could have the ability to track you without you even knowing.

What Is It Used For?

First of all, you are going to see facial recognition programs in the arrival and departure sections of the Airport.

Unlike biometric techniques, facial recognition does not require any type of contact. Face images are going to be taken and are going to be analyzed by a program.

Facial recognition can serve as an excellent security measure for tracking someone, it is also cheaper than other technology and requires less time to confirm.

Just like your biometrics data, your Facial geometric data is going to be stored in a database, it is going to be used to track people in and out of the country.

Should You Be Worried About Privacy?

We are going to be honest with you, if you consent with facial recognition, the government is going to be able to track you down without you knowing about it.

It may be in the right way or in a wrong way, you couldn’t do anything about it.

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