Microsoft Develops Tool That Scans Chats To Find Pedophiles In Online Chat Platforms

Microsoft has developed Artemis, a tool, which scans online chat platforms to find pedophiles lurking on the net to assault children.

The tool will be sued to find online predators who try to groom children for sexual purposes that are using the chat function in multiplayer video platforms.

In a blog post that was made by Microsoft, they said the tool will be shared with nonprofit organizations and other gaming or messages service developers.

Project Artemis will automatically scan text-based conversations and rates them on the probability that a user might be trying to sexually exploit children.

In the blog post that was made, Microsoft said, “Building off the Microsoft patent, the technique is applied to historical text-based chat conversations. It evaluates and “rates” conversation characteristics and assigns an overall probability rating. This rating can then be used as a determiner, set by individual companies implementing the technique, as to when a flagged conversation should be sent to human moderators for review.”

Human moderators will then review the flagged conversations to determine if they should be reported to law enforcement agencies.

The tool was engineered by a team from Dartmouth College, which was led by digital forensics expert Hany Farid.

Microsoft worked with Farid and the developers of Kik and Roblox.

Microsoft says licensing and the adoption of the technique will be handled by Thorn from January 10, 2020.

Companies that want to adopt or test the tool are asked to contact Thorn.

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