Man Uses Drone To Take His Dog For A Walk During Coronavirus Lockdown

People are being asked by the government all over the world to stay inside and avoid contacting or getting in contact with people so they can stay away from contracting the novel coronavirus, which has infected over 330,000 people all over the world.

Vakis Demetriou, a man from Cyprus, was sick and tired of staying inside and unable to walk his dog, but luckily, a simple and innovative trick helped him walk his dog.

To stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, Vikas tied his pooch’s lead to a drone and sent them out for a walk.

In the video that he shared on Facebook, his fluffy white dog can be seen walking down a street with the drone hovering over him.

The camera then pans around, showing Vikas standing on his porch, maneuvering the drone so it can walk the dog down the street.

While sharing the video on Facebook, Vikas said: “5th day quarantine. Stay home safe but don’t forget your dog’s happiness.”

In tough times like now, Vikas has shared an extremely brilliant idea.

Let’s just all hope that there won’t be a lot of drones flying around the next time we look out the windows.

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