New German Electric Car Is Covered With Solar Panels And Charges As You Drive It

A lot of people that want to buy electric car/cars, they usually think about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and being so far from a charging station. But it looks like that is a problem that you might have faced in the past.

Recently, a company from Germany announced that they are releasing a car that is covered with solar panels and is charging as you drive it.

Sono Motors went one step ahead in the race of the best electric vehicle by covering the car in electric panels.

This amazing feature helps the car power itself past the average daily commute.

Sion, the car that we are talking about is the first mass-produced car that has solar integration. The car will be sold around $29,000 USD.

In a press release, Sono Motors said:

“The solar cells meld seamlessly into the vehicle’s surface and can generate up to 34 kilometers of additional range a day at peak performance. This is well above the average distance of 17 kilometers commuters in Germany travel to their workplace.”

Designed and produced in Munich, the 2017 prototype of the Sion has been elongated and enlarged.

This car is also good for carpool services.

Full specs of the car:

  • Battery: 35 kWh
  • Drivetrain: 120 kW Motor
  • Trunk Volume: 650 l
  • Charging: CCS: 30 Min.
    Type 2: 3.5 h
    SchuKo: 13 h
  • Range: 255 kilometers according to WLTP standard
  • Solar Range: Up to 34 km/day
  • Torque: 270 Nm
  • Speed: 140 km/h
  • Tow Bar: 750 kg

The battery of this car is liquid-cooled and has a capacity of 35 kWh. Its battery is capable of driving 255 kilometers without having to charge it.

Also, it only takes around 30 minutes to charge the battery of this car at a fast-charging station.

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