Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages for WhatsApp

The Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14, Usually, people celebrate this day by sending messages or giving sweets or roses to their family members, friends, or partners. Love is expressed to show someone how important they mean to you. As Valentine’s Day 2019 is reaching near, share and express your love by sending messages through WhatsApp to your loved ones.

Here are some Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages you can send in WhatsApp:

  1. What do you gift a Valentine who is so cute, hot, sexy, loving, caring and gentle? Nothing but lots of hugs and kisses. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. My Love you are the sweetest dreams I ever had and our time apart is the darkest part of my day. Can’t wait to see you again!


  1. Love Is Not How Long U’ve Been
    Together, Not How Much U’ve
    Given Or Receive, Not How
    Many Times U’ve Helped Each
    Other, It’s How U Value Each
    Other !


  1. Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy and love each other. I love you every day, but today you’re my special Valentine.


  1. I am weird, you are weird. Everyone in this world is weird. One day, two people come together in mutual weirdness and fall in love.


  1. Today I already killed some helpless flowers for you. What else do you want?!


  1. A hug for u means I need u
    A kiss for u means I luv u
    A msg for u means I miss U


  1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.


  1. We might be separated this Valentine’s Day but distance can never change my love for you happy valentine day.


  1. Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Looking back I’m glad I chose you and you chose me. Looking ahead I’m grateful I’ll be spending my future with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Every moment we’ve spent together has been beautiful so far. But I promise that the best is yet to come. I love you, honey!


  1. The beauty of this distance is that it made me realize how strong my feelings are for you; it made me realize without you, my life is incomplete; it made me realize that you are the only one for me. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Missing you gets easier every day because even though it’s one day further from the last time we saw each other, it’s one day closer to the next time we will.
  2. Kissing you is my favorite hobby. Holding you is my favorite pastime.


  1. On a scale of one to 10, I’d give you a nine—and I’m the one you need!


  1. You make me happy by the little things you do for me, happy Valentine.


  1. Some things are meant to be, just like you and me.


  1. I love you and will always! I want to be by your side forever. You make my world brighter. Always yours now and forever.


  1. I love being in your arms. I love being next to you. I love just randomly walking around with you, even if there is no destination.


  1. Until I met you, love was just a daydream. That daydream is now my reality.


  1. I offer you my strength, my hopes and dreams to share, and with these, I offer you all my love.


  1. I have seen angels in the sky, I have seen snowfall in July, I have seen stars falling apart, but I haven’t seen anyone like you.


  1. You are the sun in my days, the moon in my nights, the waves in my ocean, and the life in my life.


  1. Your Hugs and Kisses are like the Stars That Light Up my life When Things Get Dark! Happy Kiss Day.


  1. When I looked into your eyes, I didn’t see just you. I saw my today, my tomorrow and my future for the rest of my life. I love you, Will you be mine forever?


  1. In you, I have found the one I was looking for. My heart now longs to propose you and on this Propose Day, I want to simply ask, Will you be mine?


  1. Love, I will wait for whatever is necessary so that you reconsider and realize that you have to take me with you along the paths of your life.


  1. Love, let others say what they want, the important thing is that both of us are satisfied with the feelings we share.


  1. Just thinking about you as my only and great love, my life rejoices, thank you for being the only mine. I love you, my sweet queen.
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