The Valentine’s Day was named after a Catholic priest who…' />

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The Early History of Valentine’s Day 

The Valentine’s Day was named after a Catholic priest who used to live in Rome back in the 3rd Century, his name was Saint Valentine.

In the 3rd century, many Romans were converting their religions to Christianity, but Emperor Claudius II created laws that were strict, those laws were made to control the actions of the Christians. Emperor Claudius wanted the soldiers of Rome to be devoted to their country, so he passed a law that disallowed them from marrying the person they love. But, Saint Valentine started to marry the soldiers in secret places and performed secret Christian ceremonies, this was the start of how he builds his reputation during the rule of Emperor Claudius, he was known for believing in the importance he gave to love.

But after some time, Saint Valentine was caught and got jailed for the crimes he committed under the rule of Emperor Claudius. While Saint Valentine was in prison, he cared for his fellow inmates and even the blind daughter of his jailor. Some believe that Saint Valentine brought back the vision of the blind girl, his final act before he got executed was to write a love message that was signed “from your Valentine”. Saint Valentine was executed on February 14, 270.

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