Watch How A 24-Year-Old Guy Gets Killed By His Smartphone While Walking Down The Street

This is the distressing story of Jonas, a 24-year-old who gets killed by his smartphone. Yes, it’s by his smartphone.


The video below shows you Jonas who is listening to music and chatting with friends on his phone. He was about to go through an experience that will eventually change his life, but he wasn’t aware of it as he was busy with his smartphone.

This video below shows you one of the biggest contemporary problems who own a mobile phone. He blindly walks around as if he’s in a harmless digital realm, paying more attention to his “smartphone” than his actual physical body.

Watch The Video Here:

From the video, what we had to learn is that we had to look around us when we are in public. It is very dangerous for the people who look at their phones in a bus or a train or even walking down the street.

Please pay attention to what happens around you while you are walking on the road. The safe way to prevent such tragic incidents is not to operate the mobile phone while on the road.

Everyone who owns a cell phone should learn this lesson, so please share it with all your friends.

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