3 Young Children Caught Smoking “Herbal Cigarettes” With Family To Fight Coronavirus

People all over the world are doing crazy and bizarre things in a bid to fight the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

From people going to saunas to drinking pure alcohol, the list of stupid things humans are doing is just getting worse.

In the most recent WTF moment, a video, which shows 3 kids and their parents, shows 3 kids smoking herbal cigarettes to fight the coronavirus.

The video shows the entire family sitting on the floor, puffing the herbal cigarettes.

Among the smokers in the video were 2 young boys, in which one of them looked like a 5-year-old.

Everyone in the video was seen holding their own cigarettes.

A woman can also be seen in the video with a cigarette in her hand.

She can be seen cradling an even smaller child on her lap as she smoked the herbal cigarette.

It is claimed that the incident happened in Indonesia, where a lot of people believe smoking herbs will help them fight the coronavirus.

The person that was filming the entire ordeal can be heard saying: “In order to resist the coronavirus, we, as a family, are smoking.”

The man added, “Hopefully, if Allah wills it, COVID-19 will be blocked.”

Herbal cigarettes, which are also known as rokok sin in Indonesia, are widely consumed and available in the country.

However, smoking is not a good thing to do when you have contracted the coronavirus.

According to Dirga Sakti Rambe, a vaccinologist, said, “Quitting or staying away from passive smoking can indirectly prevent COVID-19 infection.”

She added, “Smokers are actually more at risk of getting infected or have respiratory problems.”

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