5 students beat their classmate to death and ran their motorcycles over his stomach and head in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

5 students from Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, were arrested by the police for brutally murdering their classmate. The 5 students allegedly striped down Ranjit Singh, the victim, to his underwear, crushed him under their motorcycles and beat him with rods and sticks.

The police said that the incident happened in Malobar Village, located in Deoria District of Uttar Pradesh.

One of the students who beat Ranjit Singh to death captured the incident on his smartphone.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Ranjit Singh got into an argument with the 5 students after he sat in the front row of their coaching class.

The police added that Ranjit Singh was thrashed by the students with rods and sticks.

After Ranjit Singh become unconscious, the 5 students ran their motorcycles over his head and stomach.

The locals rushed Ranjit Singh to a local hospital in Deoria, but he was declared as dead upon arrival by the doctors.

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