80-Year-Old Man Dies Of Broken Neck After Chiropractic Treatment In New York

80-year-old John Lawler of Britain died in August 2017 after a chiropractor broke his neck during treatment, and now the family of the man wants the chiropractor charged in criminal court.

2 years ago, John was in the middle of a chiropractic treatment when he suddenly could not feel his arms.

He died of a broken neck at a hospital the next day.

A relative who was in the room during the treatment said John shouted, “You’re hurting me! I can’t feel my arms!”

British authorities have ruled there is no basis to bring criminal charges.

Joan Lawler, the wife of John, said her husband was a fit and healthy man even when he was in his 80s.

According to reports, the couple booked a number of chiropractic treatments after an initial assessment with Dr. Arleen Scholten.

Joan said, “She said his shoulders and back were out of line and by gentle manipulation, she could make his life much happier.”

According to Joan, the first 2 appointments with the chiropractor went well, but everything went south during their third appointment, which was held on August 11, 2017.

Joan said the chiropractor started on the shoulders and went around his body, but when the table dropped, John shouted: “you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me, I can’t feel my arms!”

Dr. Arleen continued to treat her husband for a moment but later realized that he was unresponsive.

Dr. Arleen reportedly asked him to turn over, but he didn’t respond to her request.

The chiropractor maneuvered John to a chair, but Joan said his husband was like a “ragdoll” when he was being shifted.

Joan said John was not moving or speaking when he was being moved to a chair.

When the paramedics arrived, the chiropractor did not tell them about the table drop element that happened during the treatment.

Dr. Arleen only said she applied “gentle manipulation”.

Initially, John was brought to the York Hospital.

The doctors at the hospital said John had a broken neck and was moved to a special unit because he was paraplegic.

The doctors at the hospital later told them that John would need a 14-hour operation to install a neck brace, but it was too traumatic that it might have killed him.

The family opted out for the operation.

John died a day after the incident.

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