Kind Couple From New York Cooks Thanksgiving Meals For 80 Shelter Dogs

Thanksgiving was pretty dark for some people this year, considering the things that are going on in the world right now.

But for some people, all they had in mind was to help shine a light on the dark lives of animals and humans that are suffering amidst this pandemic. The story that we are about to present below is just one of the best.

Animals living in shelters were pretty lonely this year, considering that not many are adopting them, but one couple wanted to brighten up their day.

A kind couple from New York, USA, wanted to help shelter animals, so they ended up cooking thanksgiving meals for 80 shelter dogs.

Such an amazing thing to do!

Hillary Dunn and Rob Dunn, the couple, are experienced volunteers at the Stevens Swan Humane Society.

They did what they did last year, so they prepared a special Thanksgiving dinner for all the animals that were at the animal shelter.

The animal lovers ended up preparing more than 80 yummy plates for the dogs.

The dishes were pet friendly.

They prepared Turkey, sweet potatoes, and green beans for the little ones that are at the shelter.

The 2 made sure that the animals in the shelter had some warm plates and delicious treats.

Hillary also shared an amazing picture of the meals on Facebook, where it got over 90,000 shares and is viral right now.

I mean, she deserves all the fame in the world for carrying out such an amazing things amidst all the things that are going on in the world right now.

Things have been rough for animal shelters this year, considering all the bad things that have happened as a result of this coronavirus pandemic.

People are not adopting animals because they are scared to take in an animal and not taking care of it as they should.

Despite all the problems, this couple did their best and helped the animals get some tasty treats, which are surely not their last and their first.

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