93-Year-Old Widow Dies Of A Broken Heart After 3 Men Posing As Police Officers Robbed Her House

A 93-year-old woman who had her house robbed by 3 men posed as police officers passed away in a hospital from a “broken heart”.

93-year-old Betty Munroe suffered repeated nightmares and could not stop shaking after her house was robbed on June 11, 2019.

3 men who posed as police officers robbed her house in Northampton.

Once the men entered the house, the 3 started to steal valuable items from her house.

The men stole all her jewelry, which included the watch of her husband, her purse, bank cards, and a gold chain that she was wearing.

The health of Betty started to deteriorate after the robbery happened.

When brought to the hospital, she was diagnosed with PTSD after she had repeated nightmares, started to stay sick, had trouble sleeping, and wouldn’t stop shaking.

After her long stay in the hospital, Betty was also diagnosed with the Takotsubo Syndro, better known as the broken heart syndrome.

Betty passed away earlier this week.

The family of betty said, “The distressing circumstances of our lovely mum’s death have caused us so much sorrow. Before the burglary, she was happy and living independently in her home of 56 years.”

The family added, “The violent actions of these callous individuals robbed her not only of precious possessions, but of her sense of security and peace and the will to go on. All the generations of our family who owe her so much are bereft at her death.”

Inspector Simon Barnes, a Detective with the Northampton CID, said this is one of the saddest cases he has ever come across with.

He added, “Betty was in good health before this incident but she deteriorated very quickly after it and sadly died in her care home this week, surrounded by her family.”

Inspector Barnes also said if anyone knows any information about the burglary in June, please contact them.

He said, “If you want to do it anonymously, instead of calling us on 101, you can speak to Crimestoppers on 0800 55511 or use their online reporting form at the crimestoppers website.”

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