Air India Direct Flight From New Delhi To Toronto, Canada Will Start On September 27

Air India is set to launch direct flights to Toronto from New Delhi from September 27, which is on the World Tourism Day.

Ashwini Lohani, the Chairman and the Managing Director of Air India, said, “We will launch Delhi-Toronto non-stop flight from September 27 on the occasion of the World Tourism Day.”

Even after the airline company is facing a threat of getting out of the business due to the debts they have, Air India is doing whatever they can in order to stay in the business.

Air India is also planning to start directs flights to Nairobi, Kenya by October 2019.

MG Lohani added, “We are also planning to launch a direct flight to Nairobi sometime in October in view of immense tourism potential in that area.”

Air India is currently facing a debt of Rs. 60,000 Crores and the company is adding a number of destinations in their menu.

Air India is also reducing its operational costs to keep the airlines in services.

Air India will also introduce the Bhopal to Bengaluru flight by October 2019.

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