Airline Passenger Caught On Cam Drying Shoes With Air Vent Inside Airplane

A video of an airline passenger drying their shoe using the air vent of an airplane is viral on social media right now, triggering people to leave comments that express hatred and disgust towards the passenger.

The clip came to light when Passenger Shaming, a page on Instagram, shared a video of the incident on their page.

The person and the airline in the video were not shared with the public, but one thing is for sure, the video went viral right away.

The video shows a person holding one shoe up to the air vent, indicating they were trying to dry the shoe.

The video, which is credited to Dylan Miller, an Instagram user, was shared on the platform with the caption of: “So yeah, this BS, zero self-awareness nonsense is happening…again…”

Passenger Shaming, the page on Instagram, is famous for calling out people and showing the disgusting acts of people during flights or when they are trying to travel.

The date of the incident or where the video was captured is still unknown.

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