American Woman Wins $3 Million 18 Years After First Lottery Win

What are the odds of you winning the lottery twice in your life? Next to none right? Well, that’s not the case with a woman from Missouri.

A Missouri woman, who has been identified as Anne Kasal, won the lottery twice in her life.

The woman collected $50,000 in the lottery for the first time in 2002, and fast forward to today, she won $3 million again.

18 years after her first win, she returned to the lottery headquarters.

Anne Kasal told the Missouri Lottery Officials that she bought her Lotto Ticket for the March 11, 2020, draw.

The draw was held at Schnucks Market in St. Louis.

Her ticked matched all six numbers, which are: “11-16-23-26-31-38.”

Kasal said, “I play all the games.”

She added, “I bought the same tickets as I always buy, and one happened to be lucky.”

In 2002, Kasal visited the Missouri Lottery Headquarters when she won a $50,000 lottery jackpot.

Looks like the odds are in the hands of Kasal.

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