Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Not Press Charges Against The Man Who Drop-Kicked Him During An Event In South Africa

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former governor, said that he will not be pressing charges against the man who drop-kicked him during the Arnold Classic Africa event that was held in South Africa.

Arnold confirmed that he will not be charging the man on Twitter.

The action hero movie star hopes that the man who attacked him will “get his life on the right track”.

Arnold, who is now 71-years-old, tweeted “Update: A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and he gets his life on the right track.

He added, “But I’m moving on and I’d rather focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at @ArnoldSports Africa.”

After tweeting the update, his fans came out and showed their support for him, and called him a Legend, which he really is.

A user said, “You are the greatest. And he probably broke both his ankles while you didn’t even move an inch. Legend.”

Another user said, “I’m impressed that at 71 this dude couldn’t even knock you down. Once a machine always a machine. Keep doing you Sir.”

A third user said, “So happy to hear you’re ok. You’ve been an inspiration since I was 5 years old and 27 years later you’re still going strong.”

The incident happened when Arnold was meeting his fans in an event in South Africa and a man suddenly ran towards him and decided to drop-kick him on his back, here is the video of the incident:

Before getting kicked, Arnold judged a skipping competition.

A security personnel detains him immediately, officials said that he was handed over to the police afterward.

Luckily, Arnold did not attain any injuries from the attack.

One video shows Arnold greeting his fans at the event and suddenly, a fan charges towards him and dropkicks him.

While he was being dragged away, you can hear him saying “Help me, I need a Lamborghini.”

The incident happened during the Arnold Sports Festival, an event that happens every year, the event hosts a number of sports and its contestants come from around the world.

The Arnold Classic Africa, the event where he was dropkicked, happens in Johannesburg every year in the month of May.


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