Australian Man Washes Dog’s Bum In Public Water Fountain

A man in Sydney, Australia, was caught on cam washing his dog’s bum in a public water fountain.

Images and videos of the man have caused outrage on Social media, and it has urged people to tell other men and women not to drink from public fountains.

The video was taken by Rebecca Laurie, who was enjoying her family outing in Rushcutters Bay Park in Sydney, Australia, when she saw the man cleaning the bum of his dog in a public water fountain.

In the video that was captured by Rebecca, it showed the man placing the bum of the dog straight in the fountain.

You could also see the man lifting the tail of the man before he washed off the bum of the dog.

During an interview with the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Rebecca said, “It is completely disgusting, not to mention a health risk, I am sure people who [haven’t seen the video] are using that bubbler today.”

Rebecca and 6 other people called out the man in the video.

Rebecca added, “Six or so people including myself told him, he did not care in the slightest and actually made the comment that we don’t drink from the bowl of the bubbler.”

We urge people not to drink from public fountains.

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