Burger King Worker Killed After Being Shot By Florida Man Over Slow Order

A 37-year-old man from Florida reportedly shot an Orlando Burger King worker on the evening of Saturday because their order took too long to be completed.

Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes is accused of gunning down Desmond Joshua, who is 22, in the parking lot of the fast-food restaurant on East Colonia Drive at around 7:30 pm.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Rodriguez told the victim that he had “2 seconds” before he will shoot him.

Joshua, who was recently hired, was shot right after the conversation.

It is said that Rodriguez had stormed the restaurant earlier at the behest of a woman who made a scene over a long wait time at the drive-thru.

The woman was given a $40 refund and was told to leave.

However, she returned with Rodriguez-Tormes, who targeted Joshua, demanding the employee fight him.

Rodriguez placed Joshua in a headlock before being separated by a witness.

Moments later, Rodriguez returned from his truck with a gun and shot Joshua.

The employee was taken to an area hospital and was pronounced dead.

Rodriguez-Tormes is facing charges that include murder, destruction of evidence and weapons possession.

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