Burj Khalifa: YouTube Star Carries Out The “World’s Biggest Gender Reveal” In Dubai

A YouTuber is currently a hot topic on the internet right now because he carried out what many are calling the world’s biggest gender reveal ever in the history of human history.

Anas Marwah, a Syrian-Canadian vlogger, put on a show for his family and his 7.5 million followers to know the gender of his family.

They carried out on Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It is located in Dubai.

Anas, Aayla, his wife, and Mila, their daughter, along with his family gathered in Dubai to light up the iconic Burj Khalifa in pink or blue to announce the sex of their second baby.

The building where they carried it out is the tallest building in the world. It has 163 floros and is 829.8 meters tall.

A clip of the epic gender reveal was shred on Instagram of Anas.

The video that he shared shows a countdown being projected on the Burj Khalifa as the family watched.

The family wore gowns for a very unique occasion.

As the clock reached the point of zero, pink and blue swirls danced up the building to the very top before the entire building turns bright blue.

Along with the color blue, the text “it’s a boy” appeared on the building.

Anas shared the video on Instagram along with the caption of:

We love you! ITS A BOY.

It is said that Anas paid 350,000 United Arab Emirates Dirham for the gender reveal.

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