Chimpanzee Meat is being eaten at weddings and is being sold at markets in the UK

Dr. Ben Garrod, a leading primate scientist, claimed that illegal chimpanzee meat is currently being sold on market stalls and weddings at the United Kingdom.

Last month, thousands of kilograms of meat called bush meat was seized by the customs, the bushmeat was coming from West Africa.

Chimpanzee meat can bring in serious diseases that could become viral. This is because chimpanzees are genetically identical to humans.

Also, Western Chimpanzees are currently listed on the critically endangered species as their meat is still being served and sold at markets.

Dr. Ben added, “It’s rife, it’s in all major cities across Europe and the US. We have seen bush meat confiscated in the UK in checkpoints at borders and in markets. It’s often brought to the country for specific celebrations like a wedding or a Christening.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, a world known expert in Chimpanzees, said that the government should enhance their security by introducing DNA testing at the countries border.

The doctor also said that the Interpol should also train dogs in a way that they could smell the meat.

Bushmeat is easier to smuggle than other goods that are banned as it is blackened and is smoked, which makes it really hard for the authorities to identify.

The meat sells 5 times more than the normal price of pork and beef.

This is not the first time that the banned goods have entered the country or in Europe.

In 2010, 134 from 29 different flights were searched and almost half of them were carrying meat or fish which includes porcupines, crocodiles, and primates.

And a year later, chimpanzee meat was seen in the West Midlands.

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