Chinese Tourists Caught Throwing Rocks At “Sleeping” Giant Panda In Beijing Zoo

On Video: A tourist was seen throwing rocks at a giant panda in the Beijing Zoo as the tourist wanted to wake up the sleeping animal.

The entire incident was filmed by an eyewitness, who said that two people assaulted the animal by throwing stones at it.

The Beijing Zoo released a statement about the incident and confirmed that the panda was not hurt during the incident.

The video of the bizarre incident was uploaded on Weibo, a twitter like social media platform that is used in China.

The video and the post that was made by the user, the animal lover said that 2 people threw stones towards the sleeping panda for thirty straight minutes.

During an interview with the Beijing News, the eyewitness said that the first person was recorded throwing rocks at the panda and the second person, who was not filmed, threw bigger rocks towards the panda.

The eyewitness added that the tourists wanted to wake the panda up.

After the incident, many people, which includes the eyewitness, asked the Beijing Zoo to upgrade their facilities so pandas in the zoo could be protected properly.

Reports suggest that the incident happened in the old panda pavilion of the Beijing Zoo, the old panda pavilion was built in 1989 to celebrate the 1990 Asian Games.

The Beizing Zoo said that the panda that was in the video is called “Meng Da”, the zoo also confirmed that the panda was not injured in the accident.

The spokesperson of the Beijing Zoo said that the keepers were deployed on the area to stop anyone from throwing anything towards animals in the zoo.

The spokesperson also said that visitors should visit the zoo in a “civilized manner”.

The zoo is currently planning to renovate its panda pavilion stadium.

Yesterday, on the official account of the zoo on Weibo, they posted that Meng Da, the panda in the video, had been moving around, playing, eating, and excreting as he does every day.

Pandas are loved for their fluffiness and for their slow and lazy daily routine

The cute and adorable animals are considered as a symbol in China and experts are doing whatever they can to grow their population.

Pandas spend around half of their day in sleeping and the other half for eating as much as they can.

In 2016, Giant Pandas were removed from the endangered species list by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, this is all because of the hard work and extreme efforts that were made by Chinese experts to save the animals.

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