Chinese Woman Filmed Eating A Whole Bat At Fancy Restaurant After Coronavirus Outbreak

A woman from China was filmed eating a bat in a restaurant after China announced that the Coronavirus could have spread by a soup that was made from the mammal.

Earlier the government of China announced that the Coronavirus outbreak started from an animal that was sold at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China.

The video that went viral on social media shows the woman holding the bat with a pair of enormous chopsticks.

The woman can be seen nibbling on its wings.

Bat skin and meat is a popular dish in Wuhan and is considered as a delicacy in the country.

While the woman appeared to be tentative about her meal, the partner of the woman started to go ahead with the meal.

The partner can be seen removing the skin of the bat and pulling out the meat from the bones of the animal.

A man in the back can be heard calling out the woman in Mandarin.

According to translators, the man said “Eat the meat! [Don’t] eat the skin.”

The man added “‘[You] should eat the meat on its back.’”

The woman and the partner shared a large pot of bat soup that was placed in the middle of the table.

Latest Update About Coronavirus 

The death toll in China from the new coronavirus has risen to 170.

Countries all over the world are now announcing plans to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan, the city that started the outbreak.

According to the latest numbers, around 7711 people in China have been confirmed to have the infection, which has spread from the Hubei Province of Wuhan to every single province of China.

There are 31 provinces in China.

The WHO (World Health Organization) on Wednesday urged governments all over the world to take action over the coronavirus.

Cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed in nearly 20 countries.

The World Health Organization will hold an emergency meeting today to decide if the coronavirus should be considered as a global health emergency.

If the WHO does declare this, countries all over the world can coordinate in a much better way, which will lead to a faster vaccine creation.

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