Delaware Is The First No-Kill State For Shelters Animals In USA

The United States of America has its first no-kill state for animals that that are in shelter homes.

Delaware is the first state in the USA that is a no-kill state for animal shelters, the news was announced during the annual conference that is held by the Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit group, in Dallas, Texas.

Linda Torelli, the director of Marketing for the Brandywine Valley SPCA, which takes care of over 14,000 animals each year, said that “the community in Delaware is very oriented to pet advocacy, so we had their support.”

The Best Friends Animal Society says that 11,900 animals were saved out of 12,800 that entered shelters.

The state of Delaware currently has 59 no-kill shelters.

The Best Friends Animal Society also reports that over 733,000 dogs and cats were killed in the United States alone.

According to Brandywine Valley SPCA, almost 2000 animals die in shelters every day.

According to Brandywine Valley SPCA, animal rights groups are currently trying to bring in the law in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana.

Animal rights groups are currently aiming a nationwide no-kill status for cats and dogs by 2025.

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