Doctors Find Highly Venomous Brown Recluse Spider Living In Kansas Woman’s Ear

A woman from Kansas, USA, went to see a doctor so she could get her ear checked after she felt like she had water in her ear that was not going away.

Susie Torres, the woman, left the doctors in shocked when they checked her ear.

Instead of finding trapped water, the doctors discovered a venomous spider living in her ear.

During an interview with 41 Action News, Susie said, “She ran out and said I’m going to get a couple more people. She then said, ‘I think you have an insect in there’.”

Susie had no idea what was living inside her ear.

Susie said she stayed calm and did not panic when the doctor brought in more doctors.

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Susie added, “She came back in and told me it was a spider. They had a few tools and worked their magic and got it out.”

After successfully removing the spider out her ear, the doctors at the hospital told her that a brown recluse spider, which is highly venomous, was hiding inside her ear.

Further tests and check-ups confirmed that the venomous spider did not bite her during its short stay in her ear.

Susie said she never knew spiders could crawl in your ear.

Susie said she does not have any idea where the spider came from or how it even managed to get inside her ear.

Susie said she is now taking precautions to cover her ears when she sleeps at night.

During her interview, she added, “I went and put some cotton balls in my ear last night, because I did not have any ear plugs. I’m pretty terrified of spiders.”

The Brown Recluse Spider is known to grow to 6 to 20 millimeters, in some cases, they can grow bigger.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a bite from the recluse spider will result in muscle pain, headaches, itching, fever, and nausea.

If you get bitten by a recluse spider, seek treatment from a medical professional right away.

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