Drug Dealer Carrying $200 Million Worth Of Methamphetamine Crashes Drug Van Into Police Car

Simon Tu, a 26-year-old drug dealer, hit a patrol car outside the Eastwood Police Station, the entire accident was recorded on a CCTV footage.

Luckily, no one sustained any injuries in the accident.

The accident led the police to search the van and they found 273 kilograms of methamphetamine worth $200 Million USD.

The driver hit the police car at speed and crushed its bonnet.

The driver ran away after hitting the car, the police arrested him one hour later in Ryde.

The police said that Simon Tu drove away from the scene after he hit the police car.

After the police stopped Tu, they recovered 273 kilograms of methamphetamine.

The police seized the van of Simon Tu and have been sent for a forensic examination.

Simon Tu is from Berala, he has been charged with large commercial drug supply, negligent driving, and not giving particulars to police.

Simon Tu asked for bail but was refused, he is set to appear in the Burwood Local Court.

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