Exhausted Young Bull Collapses During Cruel Training At France Bullfighting School

One Voice, an animal rights group in France, captured a video of a young bull collapsing in front of the students of a bullfighting school.

The video shows people dragging the bull up onto its feet by holding it on its horns.

According to One Voice, kids that are around 6-year-old are taking part in the training at the bullfighting school.

The animal rights group wants to close all bullfighting schools in France.

One Voice believes that kids that are involved in the training of bullfighting can affect the emotional development of children.

Here is the full video:

Epuisé, harcelé, le jeune taureau ne parvient même plus à tenir debout… Le laisseraient-ils en paix? Non, l'entrainement doit continuer. Ces écoles doivent fermer et la corrida, cette tradition abjecte, être abolie. ➡️Signez notre pétition avec Anymal, CRAC Europe, FLAC (Fédération des Luttes pour l'Abolition des Corridas) et No Corrida 🔴 https://www.stop-corrida.fr 🔴 #StopCorrida

Posted by One Voice on Saturday, 17 August 2019

In the video above, you can see the young bull chasing a red sheet that is held by a man before it collapsed in front of students.

The video shows how exhausted the young bull is and it also shows how weak it is as it cannot even support itself.

A man then drags the young bull up by grabbing his horns and another man holds its tail.

One Voice, an animal rights group, said that kids that are 6-years-old are taking part in cruel bullfighting schools.

One Voice claims that the bullfighting schools are teaching kids to torture a living animal.

The group says that the trainers in the bullfighting school also say that torturing animals are “acceptable”.

One Voice said, “Psychologists around the world are worried about the impact it can have on brain development and empathy of children, to receive these conflicting signals from adults around them: we must not hurt others and we must applaud those who kill the bulls in the arena … It is an education of sadism, and this has deleterious repercussions on their psyche.”

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One Voice has started a petition with hopes to put a haul on the bullfighting schools in France.

The petition will also help place a ban on the cruel practice in France.

Click Here To Sign Up in the petition.

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