Flight Gets Delayed After A Pigeon Trapped On The Plane Caused Chaos Throughout Cabin

An Aeroflot flight was delayed after a pigeon got trapped on the plane and caused chaos throughout the cabin of the plane.

In a video that was shared on social media, it showed the pigeon flying in the cabin.

The pigeon could be seen flying at speed and terrorizing the cabin crew.

Aeroflot flight SU1730 was delayed at the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, it was headed to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in central-eastern Russia’s Kamchatka Krai region on November 9.

In the video, the airline crew can be seen trying to catch the bird as it flies throughout the interior of the plane.

Other people could also be seen trying to duck as the pigeon fly.

A member of the flight could also be seen opening the door, with hopes of getting the bird out of the plane.

According to reports, the flight was delayed for 20 minutes.

It is reported that the pigeon managed to get inside the cabin as the plane was going through cleaning and maintenance between flights.

Luckilyy, the incident happened when there were no passengers inside the plane.

A person who saw the video said, “My dear people, I am pretty much sure that this pigeon has managed to lay its eggs in there in that time.”

Another one added, “Such a determined pigeon, I bet it was trying to migrate back to its family or bring them something from the capital city.”

Looks like the pigeon had a great time playing around with the cabin crew.

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