Florida Man Arrested For Trying To “Barbecue All The Child Molesters”

Jorge Porto-Sierra, a man from Florida, was arrested by the police for trying to barbecue all the child molesters.

The Florida police said that Jorge Porto-Sierra was charged with attempted premeditated for trying to set child molesters on fire at a motel.

At the time of his arrest, 50-year-old Jorge Porto-Sierra told the police that he wanted to “barbecue all the child molesters and kill them”.

2 of the people that he tried to kill were convicted sex offenders.

A witness who saw the entire incident said Porto-Sierra stormed a room at the Friendly Village Inn in Kissimmee.

He went to the Inn as he was screaming “I’m going to kill you, child molester.”

The 50-year-old poured gasoline outside a motel room and broke a window so he could pour gasoline inside the room.

Other witnesses said that Porto-Sierra also smashed the vehicles of the child molesters and tried to set them on fire.

When asked by the police why he did not lit the rooms on fire, Porto-Sierra said the police “got here too soon.”

When the police arrived at the scene, Porto-Sierra surrendered right away and waived his Miranda rights and admitted his plans to the police.

Explaining why he wanted to kill the molesters, Jorge said, “They raped kids, they are child molesters that all live here and deserve to die.”

Jorge was placed in police custody after the incident.

He was also placed at the Osceola County Jail without bond.

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