Florida Skydivers Critically Injured After Their Parachute Malfunctioned And They Hit A Tree

A video that is viral on social media right now shows the terrifying moment 2 tandem skydivers are barreling towards the ground after their parachutes malfunctioned.

The video, which was taken in Titusville, Florida, shows the 2 skydivers spiraling off course before they hit the ground on the 900 block of Tennessee Street.

Was at the dog park today and this happened. They hit the ground and hard.This was a tandem jump gone horribly wrong! PrayUpdate: Both are in critical condition but alive. One was taken to ORMC and the other Holmes!For licensing or usage, please email chrissey321fl@gmail.com

Posted by Christina Renfroe on Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Christina Renfroe, a woman that witnessed the entire incident, talked about the incident and said:

We just watched them go down over the tree line, it was nothing you could do. He went into a pretty nasty spin. At first we thought he was having fun and showing off, but it was pretty evident shortly after they were in trouble.

Greg Nardi, the owner of the Space Coast Skydive, said that they are currently looking into the incident.

Nardi added that everything was working properly when the master jumper and the student jumped out of the plain.

Images that were shared on social media shows blue parachutes tangled in a large tree branch that broke off from a tree and fell onto the ground with the skydivers.

The Brevard County Fire Rescue rushed to the crash-landing scene, which turned out to be the front yard of a family.

The 2 divers were assessed and declared trauma alerts, said the Titusville Fire Department.

The Orlando Health Air Care 3 and the Health First Trauma Center and the First Flight Air Medical Transport arrived at the scene to airlift them to a hospital.

The 2 divers were removed out of the harness, were packaged, and got treated while the air transport was being waited.

By the evening of Wednesday, the 2 divers were in critical condition.

According to the Titusville Police Department, the 2 victims were part of a tandem jump from a plane that originated at the Dunn Airpark.

Authorities are still investigating the incident.

The police did not release the names of the victims with the public.

Authorities did not state whether the victims were jumping with a skydiving company.

The Skydive Space Center operates from the Dunn Airpark.

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