Full Video: Pakistani Journalist Reports From Neck-Deep Water During Heavy Floods In Kot Chatta Region

Full Video: A Pakistani journalist from GTV, a news channel, did something that have made him viral, the reported decided to report the floods in the Kot Chatta region of Pakistan by diving into the flood water which is neck-deep.

Azadar Hussain, a reported who works for the GTV News Channel, went viral after his video of reporting on heavy floods was shared on line.

According to local news agencies in Pakistan, Azadar did the unusual style of reporting to explain how hard it is for locals who have experienced the heavy rain and floods in the Kot Chatta Region of Pakistan for 7 straight days.

The reporting video of Azadar was uploaded to the official YouTube channel of GTV on July 25, 2019. Since it was uploaded, the video has been watched over 140 thousand times.

The video of Azadar is now a meme and has been shared by social media users.

Most of the social media users have praised the hard work Azadar showed, but many have criticized the news channel for placing their reporter’s life in danger.

More than 12 people have been killed in Pakistan due to flash floods, roof collapses, and electrocutions since the monsoon month started.

Earlier this week, the port city of Karachi was also hit by heavy flooding as heavy rains of the monsoon started to move to the south part of the country.

According to the meteorological department of Pakistan, heavy rain will fall in the area this week.

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