Full Video: Rare White Dolphin Spotted In New Zealand

Full Video: Rare white dolphin seen in Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand. The video below shows a white dolphin swimming with dolphins.

Paul Keating, a Captain who is the chairman of the Guardian of the Sounds, said that this was the first time he saw a dolphin like that.

Paul has been travelling through seas for 33 years. He alstraveling E-Ko Tours, a wildlife company, in Picton.

Keating said that he saw the dolphin first 2 weeks ago, but was not sure about what he saw.

Paul believes that the rare white dolphin is a member of a pod that has around 100 dolphins.

During an interview with Stuff.co, Paul said, “They’re starting to come up to us a lot more, playing with the boat, looking at the people.”

The 11-year-old daughter of Keating decided to name the rare dolphin as “ghost”.

Keating says that “Ghost” is often seen with a group of dolphins. Keating added, “He’s part of a group, not shunned because of his color.”

The video of Ghost swimming with its pod has been shared by Paul on the YouTube channel of E-Ko Tours.

The video has a caption of “GHOST is a very rare Short Beaked Common Dolphin who is WHITE.”

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