Haryana Robbers Used Drill Machines To Get Inside Locker Room In Punjab And Sind Bank

Panipat Punjab and Sind Bank Robbery 2019: A gang of thieves managed to enter the locker room of the bank and looted jeweler worth crores by breaking lockers.

The thieves robbed the Punjab And Sind Bank of Panipat on August 11, 2019.

A report that was published by ANI says that the bank robbers used a classroom to drill inside the locker room.

The bank is located on the ground floor of the Gurudwara Complex in Panipat.

It is reported that a classroom of the school was under construction, and was used as an advantage by the robbers.

The police said that robbers knew the layout of the bank and used a drill machine to cut the roof of the locker room.

Authorities are still to announce the estimated amount of jewelry that was stolen from the bank.

Eyewitnesses said that the robbers stole jewelry that is worth crores.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the robbers targeted 6 lockers out of the 180 lockers that were present in the bank.

The police are currently trying to arrest the robbers and have assembled 6 special teams for the manhunt.

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