Heavy Drinker Boyfriend Beats 53-Year-Old Partner With TV Sound Bar

A victim of domestic abuse said she wants the public to see the injuries she got after her husband punched her in her face and beat her up with a soundbar.

53-year-old Lynn Hart was left with extensive bruising across her face and body after David Harrison, her boyfriend of 3 years, brutally beat her up.

The image that was shared by Lynn showed her face swollen up really bad after the attack.

When Lynn visited her GP, she was brought to the surgery’s back door so other patients visiting the GP will not be upset.

The boyfriend, David, went into a rage on May 5 at his flat in Lower Gornal, Dudley, in the West-Midlands, after returning with liquor from a liquor shop in the area.

David punch his 53-year-old partner in the face and used the soundbar of his TV to brutally beat her up, leaving her in such a horrific condition.

The man then stamped and spat on her when she was the floor.

Hart reported the attack to the West Midlands Police.

She said, “I genuinely thought he was going to kill me: he just kept punching me in the face and then picked up the TV speaker and used that to hit me. I don’t remember how I got out of the flat… it’s all a blur. I went to my son’s house where he called the ambulance and police. I love David, that’s why I stayed with him through the beatings, in the hope he’d change… but I knew my life was in danger if I stayed with him and enough was enough.”

Investigating officers arrested Harrison a day after the 53-year-old victim reported the incident.

Initially, Harrison denied the claims of Ms. Hart and claimed that she fell down the stairs.

On September 3, 2019, Harrison was sentenced to spend 7 years in prison after admitting the crime at the Wolverhampton Crown Court.

The victim said Harrison was a heavy drinker.

Hart said, “First it was verbal abuse, putting me down and telling me things like ‘your family doesn’t love you, only I love you’. But then he started with the physical attacks… and they got worse over time. I would put on extra make-up and come up with excuses for anyone who saw through the concealer.”

Catherine Webb-Jones, a detective inspector, said, “Lynn’s appeal comes from the heart: victims of abuse need to find the courage to seek support… don’t suffer alone and don’t tolerate abuse. Lynn is a survivor and other victims can take comfort and seek their own solace from the courage she has shown.”

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