Horrible Footage Shows Plane Struggling To Land At Airport As Storm Ciara Winds In Manchester City

A horrible video that is viral right now shows a passenger jet rocking in the strong winds from Storm Ciara as it struggles to land at Manchester Airport.

Storm Ciara caused extreme winds and forced a number of flights to get delayed in canceled.

A number of airports in the United Kingdom were rocked by the storm’s strong gusts and rainfall.

In a video that was shared with the public, a Singapore Airlines passenger jet could be seen rocking side to side as it tries to land on the airport track.

Strong winds swept the Airbus A350 to the left, leaving the pilot with a difficult task of leveling the airplane.

After dramatic scenes, the airplane managed to land safely.

This airplane was not the only airplane that got hit by the strong winds of the Storm Ciara.

Storm Ciara battered Europe with hurricane-type force winds and heavy rains. The storm has killed at least 6 people and has caused a number of travel disruptions.

After striking Great Britain and Ireland on Sunday, the storm moved on and left a trail of damage including power cuts for tens of thousands of homes all across Europe.

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