Horrible X-Ray Image Shows Woman’s Hip Smashed After Placing Her Feet On Dashboard Of Car That Got Involved In Accident

A horrible X-Ray image of a woman’s hip injury has been shared by the police with hopes of stopping passengers that are traveling to stop placing their feet on dashboards.

The woman’s hips were crushed when she was involved in a collision while her feet were up on the dashboard.

One hip was broken, and the other hip was reportedly completely dislocated from the hip due to the sheer impact of the accident.

The image of the X-Ray was shared on Twitter by a concerned police officer from Wales.

Sergeant Ian Price, of Dyfed-Powys Police in Wales, wanted to warn other front seat passengers against relaxing with their feet up while traveling.

While sharing the picture on social media, Sergeant Price said, “Here is an X-ray of horrific injuries sustained to the front seat passenger who had their feet on the dashboard at the time of a collision.”

Sergeant Price added, “If you see your passenger doing it stop driving and show them this.”

The woman in the X-ray survived.

The current health condition of the woman that was involved in the accident is not known, but her injuries were reportedly described as life-changing.

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