Hours Before Cancer Death Grandfather Shares One Last Beer With Sons

The last wish of an 87-year-old grandfather to drink a beer with his sons before his death from cancer is leaving everyone on the internet in tears.

Earlier this month, Adam Schemm shared an image of him and his grandfather drinking beer on Twitter hours before his grandfather died from cancer.

As he posted the picture on Twitter on November 20, 2019, Adam said, “My grandfather passed away today.”

He added, “Last night all he wanted to do was have one last beer with his sons.”

The picture shows the grandfather of Adam smiling in his hospital bed holding a Bud Light while he was surrounded by his 3 sons.

Everyone in the picture was holding cups of their own.

The image that Adam shared was liked by 327.4k people and was retweeted by over 32k people.

According to online reports, Mr. Schemm died of colon cancer hours after the picture was taken.

Before his death, Mr. Schemm sipped his final beer and had a great time with his family.

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