Indonesian Man Becomes Instant Millionaire After Meteorite Worth $1.8 Million Crashes Through His Roof

Money falls from the sky, and yes, that is true.

A man from Indonesia became an instant millionaire after a meteorite worth $1.8 million crashed through his roof.

Well, call him lucky I guess?

A space rock crashed into the house of Josua Hutagulung, which is located in Kolang, North Sumatra.

It was discovered that the meteorite is around 2.1 kilograms heavy and is around 4.5 billion years old.

According to reports, the meteor has been identified as CM1/2 carbonaceous Chondrite, an extremely rare variety.

The meteor is worth around £1.4 million.

A gram of this meteor could be sold for £645.

Josua was handed a check that is worth 30 years of his salary in just 1 day.

During an interview with the local news agencies, he said that the rock was really warm when he lifted it up.

He added:

When I lifted it, the stone was still warm and I brought it into the house. The sound was so loud that parts of the house were shaking too. And after I searched, I saw that the tin roof of the house had broken. I strongly suspect that this rock is indeed an object from the sky that many people call a meteorite. Because it is impossible someone deliberately threw it or dropped it from above.

Josua, a dad of 3 kids, said that he will be using his earnings to build a church in his community.

The man also said that he wants to have a daughter despite having 3 kids.

During an interview with The Sun, Josua said:

I have also always wanted a daughter, and I hope this is a sign that I will be lucky enough now to have one.

US meteorite expert Jared Collins bought a part of the rock.

Collins said that his phone lit up with crazy offers after the meteorite news went viral on the internet.

He added:

My phone lit up with crazy offers for me to jump on a plane and buy the meteorite. It was in the middle of the Covid crisis and frankly it was a toss-up between buying the rock for myself or working with scientists and collectors in the US. I carried as much money as I could muster and went to find Josua, who turned out to be a canny negotiator.

The meteorite that Josua sold has now been shipped to the USA.

It has been bought by a doctor and a meteorite collector from Indianapolis.

For those who said money does not fall from the sky, you guys are completely wrong.

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