Is This Love? Husband Stands For 6 Hours During Flight So Wife Could Lie Down And Sleep

An image of a man standing on a plane was shared on Twitter, and it has brought in love and criticism. The image shows a man standing during a flight so he could lie down and sleep properly, and the person who shared the image claims the man stood up for 6 hours.

The image was shared by a Twitter user who said “This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love.”

If that’s what you call love, I’d rather die alone in a land far far away.

Not everyone agreed with what the twitter user said.

Many called the woman selfish and some even said that the woman is a terrible wife.

But hold on a second, we don’t even have confirmation if they are married.

Jokes aside, a lot of people were disgusted by the acts of the woman. Especially with the fact that the man, who was seen standing in the picture, appeared to look like he’s over 60-years-old.

An angered Twitter user said, “She couldn’t just lie across HIM?! I won’t judge their marriage. My hubs is the kind of man who would do this for me, but I am not the kind of wife to ask this of him!”

Another one said, “I can’t let my man stand for even 10 minutes. I’d definitely be sleeping on his laps which would even be more comfortable. Or rest properly on the chair. Why would you let your man stand for 6 hours?”

But not everyone got mad.

A user joked, “He spent all of those [six] hours planning the divorce.”

Another user said, “I’m not letting my husband stand for 6 hours so I can nap…..let me lay this head in your lap bae…..”

A third user asked, “What happened to cuddling?”

A lot of people also pointed out the fact that the woman was not wearing socks.

What do you think about this kindly act? Was it good or he just made himself stupid in front of everyone?

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